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If you subscribe to Poultry World you will receive special editions about a specific topic. A few example of previous specials are Antibiotic Reduction, Heat Stress, Gut Health etc. A bundled collection to give you all the knowledge about these topics you need.

Frequently asked questions

When I subscribe for a printed magazine, which magazines will I receive?

You will receive the first published magazine after your subscription has been activated and the subsequent magazines until your subscription ends.

Can I switch my subscription package?

Ofcourse, you can always contact our customer service about adjusting your subscription. You can find the contact details below these questions.

Can I also pay by (digital) invoice?

Yes, you can. If you want a digital invoice instead of the credit-card payment method, you can send an email to our customer service( and they will arrange your subscription.

When do I receive the invoice?

It might take a few days before you receive the digital invoice. If you have not received it after 3 days, please contact our customer service.

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